Positively Write is an academic editing and consulting service geared to people writing English research papers, articles, dissertations, and books. We also specialize in application editing for college, graduate school, and academic job applicants. We work with all those who desire guidance crafting their words to meet their goals, including professionals, professors, and students. We will help you quickly refine your work to create an impressive piece of writing of which you will be proud.

we have worked with clients in nearly every academic discipline

We have recently edited papers in the fields of Agricultural Science, Anthropology, Architecture and Design, Art History, Biology, Biotechnology, Business, Chemistry, Chicana/o Studies, Critical Studies, Dentistry, Education, Economics, Engineering Informatics, Epidemiology, Film and Media Studies, Genetics, History, Latin American Studies, Law, Linguistics, Literary Studies, Medicine, Middle Eastern Studies, Nursing, Ornithology, Performance Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Rhetoric, Scandinavian Studies, Slavic Studies, Sociology, and Urban Studies.

Whatever your background, and no matter your field, we will be more than happy to assist you, too!